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We are a family owned and operated Organic Wheat & Produce Farm and Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Belted Galloway Cattle Ranch located in Northwest Kansas. Our goal is to provide quality Organic food at reasonable prices with an intention to promote sustainable agricultural practices.  Our registered cattle are grass-fed / grass-finished, raised without growth hormones.

Healthy, Lean & Tender USDA grass-fed, grass finished Registered Belted Galloway beef grown on our organic short grass prairie land in Northwest Kansas (we also raise Organic Wheat, Organic Forage, and Organic Produce). This beef is lean and high in protein. Vacuum Packed to hold flavor, with packages typically including 2 steaks or 1 roast of about 2-3 pounds.

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The Walking Y, once one of the finest ranches in Montana, is now on the edge of collapse all because of that damn horse. A lawsuit won by his neighbor, Senator William Bell, has Woody’s family ranch on the brink of bankruptcy when fate brings a young and ornery runaway to his door.


Now, with the help of a drunken Irishman, a handful of orphaned teenagers, and a wild scheme, they are ready to fight to keep the ranch. They’re not the only ones willing to fight for it though. Senator Bell has his own plans for the Walking Y, and he and his hired gun are willing to do anything to take it. Even if that means murder…

This action packed adventure rings of a true old fashion Western novel! Experiences ring true with this fantastic narrative from a true cowboy author. Readers who have loved the works of Wyatt Shepard, Frank Wheeler, Louis L’Amour, and C. Wayne Winkle won’t want to miss The Walking Y.

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