Authors of the Family

That's right, there are authors in the family.

For generations, the Isely family has had writers and the last two generations are no exception.

Jeter Isely first wrote his book, The Walking Y, in Montana over 30 years ago when working as a cowboy. This book, which largely inspired our ranch name, is set in Montana 1904 where a cowboy struggles to hold onto the family ranch after years of being bled dry through a lawsuit. With the help of a group of orphan teenagers and his Irish foreman, Woody is working on a plan that will keep his ranch from falling into the hands of his neighbor, the corrupt and greedy Senator William Bell.

Woody and his crew are willing to risk everything to save the ranch and Senator Bell is prepared to do whatever it takes to take the Walking Y. Even if that means having his hired gun take down each crew member one bullet at a time.

You won't want to miss this book! Available through Amazon and Audible, check it out!

The other author is the next generation down.

Cateline Isely, better known by her readers as C. J. R. Isely, has recently started reworking and publishing her original series: the William of Alamore series. This low fantasy, action packed, series is one that she originally wrote at the age of 12! Now the first book, Ranger of Kings, is available through Amazon and the small prequel she wrote - The Falcon and The Stag - can be downloaded for free through her website

Ranger of Kings is the first time we meet her characters. Will, a lowly village boy, is given the chance of a lifetime when he is invited to come train as a squire of Alamore. He is plunged into the world of training to someday be a knight, working along side his new best friends, Rowan and Colin. But there are secrets that he could never have imagined. Secrets that are best left in the dark.

Quickly Will realizes that there was more than just chance that brought him to Alamore. Secrets of his father, of the castle, of Kingdoms on the brink of war, all seem to tie back to him... him and the mysterious cloaked man known only as the Ranger of Kings.

Don't miss this book! Readers and listeners alike have raved about this low fantasy, a perfect middle grade/young adult book that has been compared to the works of J. K. Rowling.

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Both Jeter and C. J. R. Isely have been working on creating more books for your reading enjoyment. Keep your eyes on this site, as well as their social medias, for updates and upcoming releases.

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